Comparing Swimming Treadmills

The following table rates comparable features for the leading designs of swimming treadmills.  We included the Hydropool Aquatrainer for comparison only, as this is not a swimming treadmill, but a "jet spa". 

Products are rated 1 to 10 (1 is very bad, 10 is very good).  These are only indicative ratings. You need to do your own research and evaluate which features are important to you.

We are not responsible for the use of the following information.  Use this information at your risk.



COMPARABLE FEATURE Swimex RIVER pool Endless Pools Infinite Pool
(Has disappeared from the market ***)



Structural integrity, durability, self standing 10 8 * 7 ** 9
Power of the main motor 7 9 * 6 ** 2
Affordability 6 7 * 7 ** 8
Installation included and affordable 9 8 * 7 ** 9
Water flow (superficial, inlet to outlet) 10 10 * 6 ** 2
Automatic feedback of current speed 0 8 * 0 ** 0
Propulsion system durability 9 9 * 6 ** 8
Size, for realistic swimming experience 6 8 * 7 ** 3
Company responsiveness and support 8 8 * 6 ** 7
Guarantees 8 8 * 2 ** 8

Total score

73 83 * 54  ** 56

* NOTE: The subjective information about Endless Pools has been removed, as they threatened legal action against this web site.

** NOTE: The RiverXP has not been evaluated yet.

*** NOTE: Infinite Pool:  Was apparently reselling a "high-end" Endless pool, with a better structure and an offer to install it. Their web site contact, address, phone number and Registrar information is now containing invalid information.

Swimming treadmill comparison - General

SwimEx 400os - Watch Video
Inlcuded in the base price:

76 x 176 (2.28m x 5.33m) free standing & self supporting SwimEx pool

 66 x 12 x 42 (1.98m x 3.65m x 107cm) deep swim area with flat bottom

One-piece fiberglass construction (white finish)

SwimEx Paddlewheel System (6 (1.82m) wide current)

Variable speed up to 30,000 gallons per minute (113,562 lpm)

SwimEx water quality system

Two stainless steel front exercise bars

Fiberglass entrance steps w/ handrails

Floor swim arrow

Custom-fit floating thermal blanket cover

Start up treatment kit & test kit

Water vacuum

Annual maintenance kit

Endless Pool - Watch video

Inlcuded in the base price:

8 x 15(2.43m x 4.57m) free standing Endless pool

7 x 14 x 39 (2.13m x 4.26m x 99cm) deep swim area

Deeper pool: custom option

Vinyl liner interior (dark blue)

Endless pools hydraulic propeller (21 (.53m) wide current)

Variable speed up to 5,000 gallons per minute (18,900 lpm)

Endless pools water quality system

Front exercise bar

Endless pool vacuum

Endless pools floating thermal blanket

RIVER Pool - Watch video

Inlcuded in the base price:

10 x 17 free standing & self supporting

8 x 15(2.43m x 4.50m) swim area (40" deep)

4 x 4 (1.21m x 1.21m) deep well option (58" deep)

Vinyl liner interior (customer's choice)

Central Dynamics centrifugal propeller (30"+ wide - adjustable width current) electronically controlled

Variable, adjusting to swimmer's speed, up to 7,900 gallons per minute (29,500 lpm)

Waterway water quality system

Front exercise bar (option)

Floating thermal blanket

Options and Accessories


Coping border included (fiberglass)

$1,300 synthetic coping, $1,100 aluminum coping or a $300 bull-nose option

Coping border included (treated anti-slip 2" thick wood border)

7.5 HP motor included

5 HP motor included
7.5 HP motor option: $700

10 HP motor included

Entrance steps included

Ladder option: $230

Ladder options: stainless steel $200 or plastic $120

Programmable temperature controller included

Digital timer included

Digital speed display included

Motor life: 20+ years

3-5 year replacement motor $450 without installation

Motor life: guaranteed for life

Paddle system life: 20+ years

Propeller life and cost: ?

Propeller life: guaranteed for life

Vinyl liner replacement - no liner: Fiberglass construction

Vinyl liner replacement - $500 - 800 without installation

Vinyl liner replacement - $500 without installation

Water flow: manually adjustable up to 30,000 gpm

Water flow: manually controlled up to 5,000 gpm

Water flow adjusts automatically to swimmer's speed, up to 7,500 gpm.